Subotron – Gaming as a way of life

The owner of this place is a game collector and he was running out of place to store them all. He decided to put them out in a store for others to see, play and admire. Kids who are on a trip to Vienna visit this place to have fun as some of the gaming consoles are open to public for playing and a few games are also for free. The timings are restricted and hence if you do not make it on days when the store is open, you may have to peek through the glass windows like many do.

A “Gamer’s Paradise”, this place is used for weekly meetings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and concerts. Digital gaming culture can be linked to business, science and to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in developing education and career opportunities, these weekly meetings are held.

The owner plans to create a library to expand the knowledge base of digital gaming of people at large using media for the knowledge transfer. Subotron is being transformed into a “centre for digital game culture”and that is the objective of the owner.