Where you forget about time and place

If you are keen to experience the night life of Copenhagen, better you should go with the best nightclub, run by the uncrowned nightlife kings of Copenhagen- Simon Frank and Simon Lennet. Located just behind of Magasin department store, this nightclub seems to be a house party atmosphere for those grownups who have not yet experience the adulthood. This place is for those successful thirty-something who are still crazy about dancing on the tabletops.

Sunday has extended the concept of age-old boundaries about what a night out means. You will be amazed to enjoy your drinks served by the lady boys from Bangkok. Equipped with the mobile jammer, you are not allowed to use your mobile for any calls or text messages once you enter here so that you will forget about your tomorrow and only concentrate on the enjoyment of the present. The nightclub is not only the place for partying with your group of fag hags and stags, you will also find women infinitely hotter, more joyous and naughtier than the typical type. Therefore, if you want to experience the big open patio and great dance floor with great mixture of electronic music, there is no better option than Sunday in Copenhagen.