Hanzestedenplaats 5,
2000 Antwerpen,

+32 3 283 40 40

© Image courtesy of ’t Zilte

360° panoramic pleasure in dining

While you are in Antwerp you must be looking for the place to capture the most impressive view of the city. To get this you don’t need to roam here and there as ’t Zilte is offering you the most fascinating view from the striking location along with the delicious dishes. With you just one look you can embrace the river, port, the Boerentoren, cathedral, the Sportpaleis and other outstanding landmarks of the city. Just like the famous song ‘the sparkling lights of the river Scheldt’ you heartbeats will also be faster at night from this famous atmosphere of the restaurant.

After relocating in the new location nealy two years ’t Zilte is constantly running the gastronomic train in Antwerp at its maximum speed by delivering the unforgettable and unique culinary journey. Designed by the famous architect Vittorio Simoni, the interior of the restaurant has been decorated with the exclusive artworks of Koen van den Broeck whose influence you can find from the restaurant’s menu, the clothing, and the plates to the layout of the websites. It offers you the best kind of cosmopolitan feeling within the exceptional interiors and of course with the most delicious food.