Portrayal of Britain’s contemporary artisan

Tate Modern is a place in London worth visiting as it is the national gallery of Britain with the extensive collection of international modern arts. This gallery of the contemporary art collection forms the part of Tate group.

At the initial period of its journey the gallery started with a single site where a small collection of several British artworks had been displays. But surprising the museum has emerged so large that now it has four main sites along with the wide ranging collection of national British art up to 1500 to present day and approximately 70,000 international works on modern and contemporary works. Now several developments are planned to ensure the continuous expansion of the galleries with Tate Modern, Tate St Ives and Tate Britain.

The art gallery was the initiative of Henry Tate who in the year 1889 contributed all his collection of British artworks to the nation for preserving them. But when he found no space in the National Gallery for preserving them, he set up a new gallery that is now not only the collection of Tate’s gifts but also the great collections from British artists.