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© Image Courtesy of The Crypt Gallery

An atmospheric backdrop mingling with history

After visiting the Crypt Gallery in London, if you get the feeling as if you not alone down there, then you are absolutely right. Actually this gallery space was used as burial space between 1822 to 1854, under St Pancras Church and still it is the house of 557 original interred occupants. This is the place where art stimulates the sense, emotions and need for integration of individual with whole. The Crypt Gallery has the evidence to imply visual art as drawing, painting and sculpture in the form of human expressions for seventy thousands years.

Since 2002, the atmospheric underground alcoves and arches have been hosted an ongoing curated program of contemporary art events and exhibitions. Even, this venue is now used for group show on drawing with large-scale sound installation and even Christmas grotto alternative. By visiting the place, you can understand that all forms of art are important part of our common human life as the church has included art that will provoke you to question and the art designs will help you to contemplate.

The Crypt provides an intensely atmospheric backdrop to promote the work of a wide variety of artists, kept under the watchful eye of the caryatids. Details of current, forthcoming and previous exhibitions are listed on this website.

If you are interested in putting on an exhibition in The Crypt, please contact Claire Pinney, Director of the Crypt Gallery at St Pancras Church