Amsterdam’s best-kept historic gem

If you want experience the elegancy of the traditional hospitality of London in Amsterdam, the best destination for you is THE DUTCHESS. The name of the restaurant will welcome you with the elevated impression about it based on the royal and aristocratic presence. And while visiting the restaurant you can truly come to know that THE DUTCHESS is the synonym of class, elegance and sophistication. The royal restaurant place was founded with the inspiration of the eminent and splendor era identified as the Belle Époque. The restaurant is located in one of the best historical places in Amsterdam- the new W Amsterdam and the former KAS bank.

The restaurant consists of the dining area, bar, tearoom and at the heart of its Molteni kitchen, in order to experience the real DUTCHESS chefs; you can choose to sit in the private table. Inspired by the refined and light flavors from Vienna and Southern France which is also known as Nouveau-Niçoise Cuisine, the main menus for the lunch and dinner of the restaurant has been designed. Therefore you should never miss the opportunity to dine with the beautiful customized Molteni with the great extravagant touch.