Oostelijke Handelskade 34,
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland,



+31 020-5613688

© Image courtesy of The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Luxury with Kingly Manner

In order to cater the Dutch culture throughout the world, the top rated five star hotel of The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy had been set up which was previously listed as a national monument from 1921. The uniqueness of the hotel includes with its all 117 rooms with the different styles of interiors and various sizes. The design of the hotel is the collaboration of more than 50 world class Dutch interior designers.

The amazing location, world class dishes along with local and seasonal foods, beyond expectation accommodation of the hotel have held its world class ranking in the hotel industry. It is truly the host and initiator of several cultural events connecting the innovators from arts and culture to businesses. It is the ultimate place for experimental, radical and boundary crossing work through the exhibitions, lectures, presentations, concerts and screening of the Cultural Embassy.

Famous for its world class cuisines with the seasonal and local organic products, the Lloyd Restaurant maintains its top rated position with the delicious taste of the dishes made after the traditional recipe