A collective of independent creative specialists

The Mill Co. Project is actually a creative social enterprise scheme of prosperous creative community in East London and it is the house of Mandarin Wharf and The Rose Lipman Building. Basically, it is the sister organization of Mill Co. and the project is run by Nick Hartwright and Claire Martin. With the purpose to set up a creative co-operative society where the creative independent community will get the scope to flourish, the project was formed by offering an affordable workspace for to the freelancing designers, artists and small businesses to work together collaboratively.

The spaces of the studios are suitably located in Hackney between Dalston, Shoreditch and Islington. This is the ideal place to organize workshops, galleries, shoot and event space that inspires as an alternative to work from home. With the great intention to identify the working community, the project has been conceptualized by successfully programming, populating and re-animating 6 buildings in London location and now the unit of developers, local authorities and the GLA have the accessibility in this affordable workspace.