Virgin style

If you are in love to explore the uniqueness of a city, you are highly recommended to visit the Pure while you are in Frankfurt. It is a completely renovated loft where the cosmopolitan spirit of the city has been captured in the heart of Frankfurt. Don’t you feel comfy and amazed when you will receive the light hearted welcome with all light colored interior decoration of the hotel? Actually the theme of this hotel is eye soothing light colored items like Thassos marble, white leather, light gray flooring where the visitors get relaxed in the hospitable family atmosphere. The hotel is amazingly beautiful with the concept of the artist Stefan Strumbel who has designed this hotel by keeping in mind with the fact that the word ‘home’ means different to different people. That’s why the hotel invites you to reinterpret the feeling of homeliness through its harmonious public spaces with lounge, bar, lobby and more.

Experiencing the soft illumination and tune in the morning is the key for storing full energy for the day and the orange visual effect at night ensures the comfort of home because the ambience of lighting and music keep changing throughout the day.