Pampering yourself with casual luxury

When it is about the amalgamation of art, design and fashion, the Ring in Vienna welcomes you in the world of casual luxury. Situated at the crossroad of the new Vienna, the hotel consists of 68 rooms and suites presenting all the styles of contemporary, elegant and sleek. It is the place where you can treat yourself in the ultimate luxury in the best possible way in the environment of this boutique hotel. The hotel will give you the experience of splurging in style without the attitude of the white gloves; it is rather the cocoon for those exhausted high-end travellers who are looking for understated luxury in discreet.

Opulence has been redefined in its own way through its cultivation in the ring. The 1860’s portico and the landmarked elevator are seen as paired up with the impressive lobby fireplace and the teal pony haired sofas. The moment you will step inside the hotel, you can feel the definition of ‘casual luxury’ and you just can’t resist yourself from kicking off your shoes and throwing yourself on the comfy armchair in your spacious hotel room enjoying the cozy creams and pistachio.