If you are a tech freak on the lookout for an innovative invention that may change the way climate science is done, then you have reached the end of the line. Introducing the Sensing Umbrella. No this is not an umbrella with a nose or ears, it is a sophisticated piece of technology which collects vital data about the local environment. When it is running, it collects data and displays it, displaying the pollution levels of a particular area. The umbrellas pick up the levels of CO and NO2 which is translated into granular data which can be quickly shifted off to scientific databases and institutions for further study.

The on board display provides a moment by moment analysis of the health, or lack thereof of the local climate for an observer to record. This means that accurate and relevant knowledge of climate conditions can be provided to individual cities. This can lead to more informed decision making in local areas to reduce the impact that pollution has on their area. With its open hardware, the Sensing Umbrella never tires of sniffing around and locating every molecule of pollution fluttering along in the breeze. There are two nodes on the umbrella which display the data for CO and NO2 separately, so that it is easy to read. It continually logs data along with a timestamp and a GPS location, giving the precise coordinates of the umbrella.

You must be wondering who the genius is who invented this nifty climate sniffing umbrella? His name is Akarsh Sanghi who is working out of Capenhagen. His primary interests are using technology as a flexible medium which can be used to create interesting user experiences. He claims that he is always on the lookout for how environments can be used to make the most out of modern technology in order to improve the functioning of the all-encompassing project that we call humanity. His techniques revolve around connecting the digital and physical worlds in order to create a world where the techniques of computing are used in design. He is always open to a new medium to express his fascination with uniting his creativity with the digital realm to enhance our work, play and communication.

Sanghi spent a lot of time collaborating with Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design. They are a school which prides itself on the creative minds that it develops and sets loose of the world’s problems. They are known for taking the best educational techniques known to man and integrating them to produce creative, keen and aspiring minds. They take cutting edge research and design in their stride, with wonders being made every other day. It is their reputation for innovation and creativity which set CIID apart for any other institute in Europe. If you are interested in embarking on a career in design, you should get in contact with them, they are always on the lookout for the brightest minds out there. It could be your chance.