Into the Deep End of the Dance Floor

If in Frankfurt, exploring the nightlife with the night fever and the introduction of disco music is your aim, you should definitely visit the Club Travolta. It is the ultimate term for the cheerful joie de vivre from the timeline of 1970s. From there the urban world of entertainment has been revolutionarily transformed into Travolta musically and stylistically. The Club Travolta is a must watch destination for those who are dying to enjoy the after dark nightlife of Frankfurt as it is attached with the glorious time as well as the birth of present urban nightlife.

The club facilitates the members with about 200 square meters area with two dance floors attached with the tow bars accordingly. For the smokers, there is the facility in the basement with an enclosed space which is served as the smoking room. As per the establishment and the stylistic phenomenon of the club, Travolta is always limited towards the essentials. The main essence of the club is its establishment which is also reflected in its service.