Rosenheimer Str. 14,
81669 München,
  + 49 172 6761205

© Image Courtesy of True and 12

Authenticity and transparency in best-flavored ice cream

If you ever visit True and 12 and taste its exclusive handmade ice cream of Munich, it’s a bet that you are destined to fall in love with its taste. And if you don’t fall, then you have to accept that you must need a doctor’s consultation as there must be some problem with your taste buds. Since its opening in May 2014, this little ice cream shop in Rosenheimerstrasse has become the topnotch favorite destination for the ice cream lovers. The makers of best handmade ice cream scoops are Davina and Rony who mingle all the handmade natural products with their chemistry. In the name of the shop,

‘True’ stands for transparency as you can rely that your exquisite artisanal ice cream is being prepared with the best regional and organic ingredients. 12 defines the twelve different handmade flavors that are being changed every day. Really after visiting this place you will find yourself in serious fix to choose from such tempting flavors like bourbon vanilla and chai, lavender, raisin and rum, Karamel Pecan, the lemon and mint, the mango and ginger or the traditional Fiori di Latte and many more.