Welcome to the realm of alphabet

For the shop lovers TYPE HYPE is undoubtedly an attractive shopping destination because of its dozens of individually premeditated typographic disparities in the Concept Store in Berlin-Mitte. Here you will get the crafted and carefully made of products for the daily life. Littered around Weinmeisterstraße, the shop is completely dedicated to the realm of alphabets. It is exactly the right place for those digitally sensual people who love to experience the design, tactile excellence and high quality print. Berlin as a city with all its raptures, creative energy and sustainable built-up production is the characteristic feature of this concept store.

Behind the concept of the store, the alphabetti spaghetti is running where the digital ink is dipped in this shop where you will get not only food but also drinks, kitchenware, stationeries, bags and the list goes on…. Whenever next time you will be confused to get an idea for a gift for any occasion, you must visit the place where you will definitely get the present for the person who doesn’t need anything else in order to indulge in the inner typofile.