‘Far from the madding crowd’

In order to make a nice location what do you actually want? Is it some star attraction or show? Probably not! It is the perfect contrast that matters a lot for a nice location for food. In the loose metropolitan atmosphere in Dusseldorf the fine design of the restaurant cum bar Ugly Deluxe is the perfect place for your delicious breakfast with tasty coffee during the day time and good food and fine drinks at night. This place always stresses on the essential things, not on the artificiality or on shows.

The journey of Ugly Deluxe is going on for more than ten years at the heart of Bilk, Dusseldorf. Invariably the restaurant has gone through several changes during the time but what remains same since its starting is its personal attention on the customers, quality products, good service and the best of all things “the home feeling”. So if you want to try something new and get special attention from the restaurant you must visit the place where you will get the ultimate relaxation from the city’s crowd.