Waiting for a Grand Opening

From this fall Upstream Gallery will have a new house close to the city center. If you are visiting the Pijp area then you can miss your favorite art gallery on the same location, as it has moved to city center. Since its opening in the year 2003, the gallery has secured a warm place in the heart of art lovers. By presenting high quality contemporary art, it has managed to rule the art scene completely. Contributions from the young and rebellious artists have been accepted with grace in this location. International artists have also presented their art work here.

Upstream Gallery is certainly a discovery in the Amsterdam art arena. It has contributed a lot to contemporary art form. While going through the collection of this art gallery, you can be excited to notice the quality of work from young artist. Through local arena, young artists have been discovered and nurtured adequately. Their talent has been appreciated by offering a space in the art gallery. However, names of big artists also pop up once in a while.