Craft shop for craft beer

Among the numerous pubs and bars in Berlin’s Wedding district, Vagabund is a new brewery that was launched by three American brewers following their small taproom, which became very popular and expanded with the help of crowdfunding. Vagabund Brauerei is definitely the place to visit for a great beer tasting experience, where you’ll learn about traditional brewing methods and crafting unique flavours of beer.

The Wedding district has a prolonged and proud tradition of brewing – one which Vagabund Brauerei maintains. Within a short time, this nano-brewery has become the poster child for local craft beer in Berlin. It has also won acclaim in Forbes travel, the New Yorker, Der Spiegel and a plethora of German newspapers.

“So often people ask us about this ‘trend’ of locally brewed craft beer,” says one of Vagabund’s founders, Matt Walthall. “David (Spengler) and I studied history, and that is part of what draws us to brewing: there’s so much history involved. In the 17- and 1800s every Berlin neighbourhood had its own brewery – so for us the whole appeal is not being trendsetters who use the Internet, but we clearly see ourselves as part of a tradition.”