A small café with better drinks

Amidst the bustling of Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk, if you want to enjoy some happy hours, one of the best places is Vesper Bar in Amsterdam. Most of the personnel and locals from the close advertising agencies visit this cozy atmosphere of the bar in order to enjoy their post-work cocktail along with the discussion of strategies and smashing away on the smartphones. The sophisticated and kitsch décor of the bar is properly sandwiched between fine liqueur and pop art prints James Bond memorabilia.

Don’t forget the visit the bar on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in order to taste the exclusive “high tea cocktails” which is a strange alcoholic twist with the traditional high tea. Undoubtedly, in a city like Amsterdam, which is not so famous for good cocktail bars, Vesper elevates the standards to a great extend.

The main attraction of Vesper Bar is its menu where the bar tenders will prepare some great cocktails for you to try and test. Based on your taste you may choose your cocktail from the ample options ranging from sweet to sour and mild to strong.