Universitätsring 2,
1010 Vienna

  + 43 1 5324999

© Image Courtesy of Vestibül

Dinning like Royalty

A trip to Vestibül in Vienna is worth memorable when you step through the majestic archway of the restaurant and you automatically step back in the earlier days-the days of the emperors and kings. The restaurant is tucked under the impressive staircase of Burgtheater’s south wing and with the restaurant’s ambience, you will go back to the year 1874 when Emperor Franz Joseph gifted Vienna the beautiful monument graced with architectural history. After visiting the restaurant, you will just fall in love with the pastiche of different style elements from neo-Baroque sculpture like vaulted ceilings, marble columns and sculpted pediment to give a classical setting. The place is for those people who are craving to dine like an emperor.

Not only the impressive interiors and sculptures, the restaurant is the right place to satisfy your culinary desire. Using the exclusive organic ingredients of Austria, Christian Domschitz, one of the best Austrian chefs presents you various traditional and contemporary dishes. But you should miss Domschitz’ signature Hummerkrautfleisch, a creamy cabbage dish of Vienna in which Domschitz includes his specialty-lobster.