Experience the Italian experiments with contemporary art

Viafarini has gained respect and reputation for as an experimentation exhibition venue in Milan. It was established as a nonprofit organization in 1991 to promote and support contemporary art by emerging and established talents. It also offers visual arts documentation services besides capacity building programmes for artists and curators.

Viafarini is rooted in American ideas and European Kunstverein concepts. When the organisation was set up, the innovative concepts were very unique and the management went way out to create strong international relationships to help modern art flourish. It serves as a centre of collaboration for public and private bodies working for the promotion of contemporary arts.

In 2009, Viafarini started the program of Viafarini-in-Residence (VIR) where groups of artists and curators are invited to document, show and compare artistic experiences. Your visit to Viafarini would be memorable and delightful because the place has great experiences and exciting activities to offer you.