Fashion-fiesta in Antwerp

Compared to the other clothing collection stores, VIER is comparatively new name as it has opened in 2010, but within these 5 years of life span, it has gained huge popularity in the fashion fiesta of Antwerp. The Dutch word ‘VIER’ means ‘Four’ from there the store is named after in order to indicate the notorious fourth district of Antwerp. With this store, the lively medieval age of the place has been transformed into the international place of fashionable pilgrimage. Situated amidst the thriving neighborhood, VIER has successfully established its reputation as the bastion of refined taste where you will find the exclusive selection of the finest dry goods of the world.

From classic drawn collections on traditional works, technical outwear, high-ending performance sportswear to show stopping fashion wears and up- coming street wear brands – everything you will find here. Some of the eye-catching brands that VIER carries are NANAMICA, BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS, VIER ANTWERP, CP COMPANY, NEIGHBORHOOD, NEW BALANCE, OUR LEGACY, BARBOUR, MASTER-PIECE and so on.