11 Mare St,
London E8 4RP,
United Kingdom

  + 44(0)20 7998 3617

© Image Courtesy of Viktor Wynd Fine Art

Celebrating London’s forgotten bohemian world

Viktor Wynd is the internationally known artist holding the Rosenquist Fellowship in Fine Art from The University of South Florida and presently he is the regent of The last Tuesday Society. Situated at 11 Mare Street in London, this purpose designed gallery aims to develop and foster the careers for the emerging and established artists from every sphere of life- living, dead and yet to live. The specialty of this museum is its incoherent vision towards the world displaying wonder within its tiny space without any attempt for classification and comprehensiveness. In fact, the focus of the museum remains on the pre-enlightenment origins- a mirror of the world that immerses with miracles and beauty.

The art museum is divided into two sections- the Upper Galleries holds around two art exhibitions in a year and The Wunderkabinett displays the permanent collection with the combination of high and low light in a double vaulted basement. Along with its permanent collection, it arranges exhibitions, parties, cocktails and foods. It is the place to represent the strays and wraiths of London world by gathering amongst the beautiful and dead on deep crimson velvet banquettes.