Connecting business and sustainability

If work and relaxation can be combined together to ensure the enjoyment of life, your life will be sooth and you will just love to do your work. Exactly the same thing you can experience while visiting the Hotel Villa Orange in Frankfurt which is centrally located and easily accessible with all public transport. At Villa Orange the visitors are facilitated with the opportunity to work, do their meeting and stay overnight in the amazingly pleasant and silent atmosphere.

Villa Orange is different from other hotels because it offers everything to its visitors that they need for their businesses and even much more in order to make their stay in the hotel special and memorable. Isn’t it impressive enough to enjoy the facility of four-poster beds, freestanding bathtubs, artwork in the foyer and a cosy library along with the ample organic breakfast and other meals? You can get all the facilities during your stay in the hotel with best services. So in the city of finance and trade fair, you can customize your personal life with the quiet counterpart in Villa Orange.