Piazza Cavour, 3,
20121 Milano,

  +39 02 3651 2554

© Image courtesy of Visionnaire

The art of furnishing

Visionnaire started its journey from an old theatre in 2008 as a store cum design gallery. Famous IPE Cavalli founded the enterprise, which is now one of the leading manufacturers of luxurious Italian interior furniture. The store cum gallery sits on a 21,000 Square feet area.

The store surpassed the expectations of its customers and visitors, and delighted them with its offers right after it opened for the public. It is not just a furniture store or a gallery or a show room, but a complete entertainment and art package that hosts fashion shows, art exhibitions and events round the years. There is also a café adjacent to Visionnaire, which means that you can take a break from your exploration spree to refresh yourself.

The venue is a name synonymous with true Italian furniture, and over the years, it has gained great reputation as a modern, unique and stylish venue that offers total entertainment and interior solutions.