The artist run space

Standing apart from those stuffy galleries located in the posh areas on the canals, W139 believes in the cutting edge picture in the traditional of Amsterdam gallery as it facilitates its artists for designing the structure of their exhibition by themselves. It is a development oriented art resource that will inspire the world. Located in the Warmoesstraat, in the heart of Amsterdam, the groups of self-organized artists are presently working on the designing of their own exhibitions. The ambition of W139 is to present the artworks that the world has experienced never before.

As the gallery allows its artists to develop their site-specific presentations, they need to take the challenge of playing the key role in certain areas of attention such as making sensory, sensitive and inclusive spaces, moving beyond the self-promotion and generating health. The great thing of W139 is that each group can enjoy its own journey by generating the wave of energy. In the course of its 34 years, the gallery has advanced from the anti-establishment squat to a proficient non-institutional platform for the contemporary art.