Beauty, Luxury and Gastronomy

Have you ever felt any kind of special fixation for a particular destination based on food? If food is your passion and you are in Frankfurt, then one of the must-visited places for you is Walden & Oosten. The modern era of restaurants in Frankfurt starts with the address of this restaurant where you will be able to experience the ease f simplicity, the feminine defensive environment and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. The beauty of the place is added by the selective range of sounds- from Blue Note Jazz to bossa nova songs when you will relish your world class cuisine or the afternoon coffee and cakes.

The place is built on the transparent glass, wood, exposed concrete and steel where you will always prefer to sit on the sunny side. The place will invariably attract you for numerous reasons such as the spectacular view of the 270 degree angle of Frankfurt skyline, the urban river landscape, the Deutschherrn- and Honsellbrücke, the glass façade of the ECB, the beer garden under plane tree in the restaurant, in the lounge or at the bar.