It’s the time for makeover for you

For the fashion lovers who are always eager to give a chic makeover in their looks, the WALL in Vienna is the perfectly new destination. It is the hair salon as well as a fashion boutique that has been designed in such a way that will ensure you when you walk out of its door, everyone will be amazed to find all new YOU with your new haircut done by one of the best hairstylists in Vienna.

WALL is the new fashion landmark of Vienna that stocks the carefully selected and impressive ranging of Indie European designers such as the subversive and radical French designer Lick My Legs, the bold and stylish Netherlander Conny Groenewegen and the veteran hatmakers Goorin Brothers and many more.

The soft-spoken, baldy and bushy beard owner Andreas along with the hair stylist extraordinaire put their utmost effort to make the place as an interesting selling point for fashion wears. That’s why they put special endeavor to choose the selection of design, art and photography books. Their beautiful selection will definitely make you spell bound to think before you open and crease the spines of the volumes of the books.