Mariahilfer Str. 33,
1060 Wien,
  + 43 1 587 93 91

© Image Courtesy of Walter Weiss

Pamper yourself with best daily care

Situated in Mariahilferstrasse 33 in Vienna, you will get the opportunity to explore the unique selections of wide ranging products that can give you a makeover. Unlike other trendy stores, that have come in the market in the recent years and exist like bubbles, Walter Weiss is serving more than seven decades. Whether it is the common product for everyday use for your hairstyle, bath or manicure or a luxury version, Walter Weiss will provide them instantly.

This Viennese Specialty shop has gained immense popularity by not only selling diverse range of products, but also providing professional and effective advice for high quality products, as here you will get right value to your hard-earned money. The specialty of the store is its world famous perfumes from the great brands like Chanel, Dior and Payot and many more. The products of the store now exceed 4,500 items. Therefore, choose you products by online order or by visiting directly to the store to pamper yourself with the best day care.