Tête-à-tête with coffee and books

Westberlin is a cafe and bookshop just south of the infamous Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. It is a popular local hangout for students and entrepreneurs who take advantage of the free (and fast) Wi-Fi and variety of seating options that includes a large communal table. Westberlin is the brainchild of Kai Bröer, who started the cafe back in 2011.


It has a great selection of cosmopolitan books and magazine on art and fashion, which makes it an inviting place to sit down and relax while meeting friends or catching up on some reading. They also have a variety of delicious cakes and snacks and the coffee is also well worth trying. The cheesecake seems to be a firm favorite and the salmon quiche is an excellent choice for those with a craving for something savory.