Understanding traditional ambiance

Zenzakan, the exclusive Pan-Asian Supper Club is well known for its displaying the cozy and relaxing atmosphere. At the entrance of the Zenzakan at first you will meet two raised lions that are traditionally believed as the symbol of wisdom and good fortune in Asia, the way in which the guests are welcomed in this exclusive Pan-Asian restaurant. Like the cosmopolitan style of New York, London or Dubai, the concept of this dining place has been made of. Despite the impressive proportion of 2,000 square meters arena, the restaurant will inevitably satisfy your passion for food.

Apart from food, the amazing atmosphere of the place will surely impress the visitors with cozy niche, a sophisticated and dim lighting concept, small private rooms, extraordinary ambience and atmospheric music will make you feel like visiting the place again and again to relax, eat, drink, see and be seen one. The world of Zenzakans is ready to pamper you with the unique interiors of the golden Buddha hears, the ancient Chinese Bow and Arrow, the 200 terracotta warrior figures and many more.