Corso Magenta, 87,
20123 Milano MI,
+39 02 4547 4733

© Image courtesy of Zero Contemporary Food

Japanese cuisines in the heart of Milan

Although the recent trends in emerging sushi restaurants in Milan suggest that most of the restaurants are owned and run by Chinese behind the Japanese names, but Zero Contemporary Food runs contrary to this belief.  The restaurant offers you real Japanese cuisines prepared by the Japanese chef Hide Shinohara.

The speciality of the restaurant is that it will offer you exclusively authentic Japanese cuisines with delicious European flavours by using ingredients like foie gras, truffles, fennel, caviar and tomato. The restaurant’s interior design and architecture is very modern and cosy.

If you have planned to visit the restaurant, don’t forget to go to the sushi bar to see the chef preparing unique and fabulous dishes. The restaurant also offers high quality seafood in addition to maki, rolls, tban, and hot dishes. It has an exclusive selection of wines that would surely impress you, including the famous Chateau Petrus and the liquors from France and Italy.